Smalto Punto Acqua Pennellebile
Smalto Punto Acqua Pennellebile

Water-based varnish with superior performance.

An innovative eco and user friendly product performing as a traditional varnish.

 Solvent content has been replaced by a water in order to have a safer and more eco sustainable varnish without any smell.

Suitable on all kinds of  materials, including polystyrene.

Highly durable colour that does not turn yellow over time.

available in 30 pigments, carefully. selected, in line with the latest color trends and with an innovative "silky" finish effect. Ideal for decoration at home, at school, for Diy or artistic purposes.

Product Code:     C0271
Net content:       130 mL

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if exposed to severe weather condition, we suggest to cover the paint after 24 hours from application
Kristall 3502 per vernici all'acqua.